Per hotel policy: no shirt, no shoes, no service. This page serves as a guideline on minimum coverage requirements for all genders.

EAF is an all-ages convention. We don’t permit clothing that depicts nudity, profanity, hate speech, or adult content—such as ahegao or other graphic sexual imagery. As a general guideline, your costume should be rated PG-13 or under, and be appropriate to wear around children.

We prohibit costumes depicting the uniforms worn by members of the military, law enforcement agencies, and all other government agencies. Costumes of fictional uniforms are permitted so long as they won’t be reasonably confused for an actual uniform.

Large or bulky costumes must be able to fit through a standard doorway (36” wide) to comply with fire safety rules. If a costume restricts ventilation or visibility, we request that the cosplayer have a handler escort them through the convention.

Costumes and props may not generate smoke, fog, or odors. Costumes with speakers are permitted so long as audio output is kept to a reasonable volume and the audio isn’t continuous (e.g. music or alarm sounds).

Exceptions to some of these rules may be made for contestants when they participate in the Costume & Cosplay Contest, but only with prior approval by the contest coordinator. For questions about costumes permitted in the Costume & Cosplay Contest

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