In consideration for being permitted to participate as a Panelist Host for a Panel At Eko Anime Fest, the panelist host and their co-hosts agreeing to the following terms.

Panel Participation

The Panelist is freely providing their services to Eko Anime Fest as a Panelist, and agree that participating in a Panel is an opportunity with real value. Panelists are not eligible to receive compensation of any kind in return for their participation. Eko Anime Fest reserves the right to cancel a panel for any reason and under no circumstances will Eko Anime Fest be obligated to compensate the panelist for the cancellation.

Panelist Compliance

  • Panelists will conduct themselves in a Professional manner at all times whether it be before during or after their panel(s).
  • Participation in any event at the convention will be at the same rate and cost as a normal convention attendant.
  • Adherence to all content rating level for which the panel was approved. Any content modifications made after application acceptance must be submitted to Eko Anime Fest programming staff.
  • Panelists will handle all technical equipment carefully.
  • Panelist will host all accepted panels in compliance with all the regulations, rules, and policies in a safe, conscientious, and courteous manner. If any property is defaced, harmed, damaged, or injured all those connected with the panel will be held completely responsible for paying any and costs that result. EAF holds all rights to immediately cancel any panels due to violation of policies, rules and regulations.
  • No copyrighted material, without the consent of the original owner will be used.
  • All approved panels will end according to the scheduled time that was approved. All panels that do not end on time will immediately be ended by an Anime staff member in order to keep the schedule running on time.
  • Panelists will not consume alcohol or drugs of any kind that could impair judgment potential during the duration of their time with Eko Anime Fest.
  • Unpacked, self packed, or any homemade food items of any kind are prohibited. Any prepacked food items, those that are store bought are at the discretion of the panelist.

Panelist Liability

  • Panelists participate at their own risk.
  • Any and all risks and dangers including harm or injury ¬†are assumed by the Host panelist and all other co-hosts
  • The host panelist is obligated and liable for passing along all rules and regulations to the rest of the team.
  • Panelist assume full responsibility for all personal items that are lost or damaged.
  • Eko Anime Fest is not liable for delay or cancellations of events or panels due to causes outside of its control.
  • Panelists are fully liable for any prepackaged/ store bought foods that are given to attendees. If any health condition arises, the panelists assumes all immediate and future costs associated with the recovery of the affected attendee.

Eko Anime Fest is fully released from all careless actions taken by a panelist or attendee of a panel that result in immediate of future damages. Panelists will assume responsibility for all actions during their panels.

Each panelist should have read through all the terms and by submitting a panels application understand and agrees to the terms.

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