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Eko Anime Fest (or EAF) will be starting up as a One Day Convention before proceeding to its annual three-day convention in Lagos, Nigeria. We celebrates anime, gaming, and other aspects of Japanese culture. Our first event will be in Jan 2023.

To apply for press credentials to cover EAF, see our press registration page for more information and a link to the application form. Please contact for all inquiries.

You can find us on these social media platforms, where our hashtag for this year’s convention is #Ekoanimefest2023 #Ekoanimefestival2023:

Additional Information

Wordmark and Logos
Our logo specific to the EAF 2023 event.

We have a special logo available for EAF’s first convention. When referring to the EAF 2022 event, we request you use this logo.

EAF 2023 Wordmark will be updated soon .

Our wordmark serves to generally identify the convention and the organization as a whole. For the fifth year of the convention, we prefer you use the EAF logo when referring to the event itself. The wordmark is more appropriate for all other uses, however.

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