We hate it when companies abuse our privacy just as much as you do, so we strive to be responsible about protecting your privacy.

What We Do With Your Information
We only use the information you give us to provide the services you expect of us. For most attendees, this means receiving one or two confirmation e-mails after pre-registering for the convention.

We’ll only contact you directly if we have a specific reason to do so. For example, we may e-mail you if there’s a problem with your registration. And, of course, we’ll send you occasional e-mails if you’ve signed up for our opt-in mailing list.

We’ll never sell or share your personal information with a third party. Full stop. End of story.

What Information We Collect
We’ll only collect as much information from you as necessary to provide the services you expect of us. We occasionally ask for additional information to help us understand our demographics a bit better, but these requests are always optional and the information is never shared with anyone outside of the convention.

We require a full name (first and last) for each attendee registered through Google Forms, our online ticketing system. We also require the e-mail address of the person performing the transaction so we can send confirmation of the order. Please see the cookie policy and privacy policy for details on what information they collect and how they use it.

Additionally, certain badge types require more information for us to fulfill the order. For example, a VIP badge comes with a custom badge label and a T-shirt, so we require a name to put on the badge and a T-shirt size.

We collect a variety of information when someone joins our staff, some of which is sensitive. Access to this information is limited exclusively to senior convention staff and the information is only used in relation to staffing duties.

Among other things, we request information about food allergies when a staff member signs up for our on-site meal option in the Staff Suite. We also request information about any medical issues or disabilities our staffers might have so that we can try to accommodate their needs as best we can.

We have a number of other ways that people participate in Eko Anime Fest beyond being an attendee. These include:

• applying to be a volunteer;

• applying for a Vendors’ Hall booth;

• applying for an Artists’ Alley table;

• applying to run a panel;

• applying to participate in the Costume & Cosplay Contest;

• applying to participate in the AMV Contest;

• applying for an Industry Row table;

• applying for Press Credentials; and

• applying for Photographer Access credentials.

In each of these cases, we collect only enough information for each person’s potential participation. The information collected varies, but it generally includes a name and e-mail address, in addition to information specific to that means of participation

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