All props must be inspected and peace bound by a member of the Operations team before they’re allowed on the convention floor. Bound props must stay with their owners at all times. If a bound prop is shared with or loaned to another attendee, both parties are responsible for any misconduct involving said prop.

Violation of peace binding may result in the immediate loss of prop privileges. It’s the prop owner’s responsibility to have a prop re-bound if the binding breaks, comes undone, or gets removed.

• Sheathed live steel¹ props that can be prevented from being drawn.

• Nerf or Airsoft guns with non-removable orange safety tips that don’t resemble real guns. Ammunition must be removed and trigger mechanisms will be bound.

• Any functional ammunition (real); such as arrows, must have tips removed and be zip-tied to their quiver or casing.

• Blunt or wood props, baseball bats, wooden swords, frying pans, etc. may be allowed conditionally.

• Anything illegal in the state of Lagos or the Nigeria.

• Any live steel¹ weapons that don’t have a sheath.

• Any realistic-looking firearm of any kind.

• Any metal items with sharp edges or points that could cause injury.

• Any props deemed to be dangerous by convention staff.

“Live steel” refers to any metal that can or does hold an edge.

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